How to use dry ice in a cooler for camping?

using dry ice in a cooler

Are you planning the best, memorable, and long trip? or may you need to keep something that keeps items frozen in the journey? If yes, then Dry Ice is a perfect alternative to ice cubes that melt as well as hide the contents of your cooler Using dry ice in the cooler is an awesome idea but it is important to note down some safety precautions as well.

We will show you how to use dry ice in a cooler for camping and will also share with you some pros and cons of using dry ice in coolers.

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is the frozen carbon dioxide instead of traditional ice that is made from water. Dry ice is made by taking some pressurized liquid carbon dioxide gas and then lower its temperature and freeze to small blocks of dry ice.

How to use Dry ice? 

Before buying cooler and dry ice, you should properly aware that it is perfect for freezing items. Here are some steps that you should take while using dry ice in the cooler.

  1. a) For better results, wrap the ice in a newspaper in a few layers, and place it on the top of your cooler’s content.
  2. b) Below the content, put some wet ice. Ensure that dry ice on the top never contacts with below water.
  3. c) If cooler may have any extra space, then try to wad up with some newspaper. It helps dry ice to dissipate slowly.
  4. d) Freeze the required food 12-hours before starting a trip. It is the best way to conserve ice that you use during the journey.

Benefits of dry ice: 

Top three benefits of using Dry Ice in the cooler are:

  • Dry ice keeps items frozen not only cold. It is colder than regular or traditional ice. Dry ice is used to keep items not only cold but also freeze. It is perfect for meats and keeps it frozen for a longer time as compared to the refrigerator.
  • Dry ice does not make things wet. Nobody likes “Soggy sandwiches”. Dry ice goes solid ice brick to gas and keeps things cold, not wet.
  • Dry ice may last longer as compared to regular ice.

How to keep Dry ice in your cooler for a longer time? 

Naturally, dry ice may have a shorter shelf life. It properly needs to keep at -109.3-degree Fahrenheit temperature or till it completely sublimate. It may last fora longer time in the dry-ice approved cooler. One of the best ways to keep ice for longer time is to keep ice on the top of the cooler. Never open the lid of cooler frequently. It is so because if you open it frequently, you will lose ice per day.

Some instructions

As we know that dry ice changes to gas instead of liquid. By using Roto-molded cooler, you can easily think about the best way to ley carbon dioxide passes out without affect ice retention.

So, when dry ice turns to gas, it will usually need more area for expansion and strain some weak parts like rubber latches or drain plus when they are unable to search the best place to go outside. It doesn’t damage the cooler body but may weaken rubber latches, drain plug, and gasket of a cooler. So, instruction should be properly followed to get instant and secure use of dry ice.


You should also need to choose the cooler that is dry ice compatible. Some popular brands of coolers that can easily compatible with the dry ice are:

Engel cooler


Orca cooler



Igloo Yuko Cold locker

RTIC coolers

Pelican cooler


It is important to add some newspapers and blankets to the cooler to make sure that dry ice stays colder for a longer time. It is essential to have no space in between the food because dry ice works awesome by limited the empty space inside the surface of cooler. If you properly have know-how about how to use dry ice in a cooler for camping, then you are perfect to go for hiking, road trip, or camp without worrying about drinks and foods. But if you have any questions regarding dry ice and use it for camping purposes, then you freely contact with us.