Best Coolers For Camping

Best coolers for Camping Trips During Good & Long Family Weekend

Summer is an open season to go out for camping. Camping provides an opportunity to refresh your mind and to enjoy a good & long weekend with family & friends. By bringing the cooler along with you bring full enjoyment as well as have a great meal.

You can enjoy fresh cold drinks and foods during the trip with the help of best portable cooler. To enjoy your camping, it is necessary to get the best coolers for camping. In this guide, there are top 5 best coolers for weekend camping. Before reviewing these best coolers, we consider some important factors that help in purchasing the best cooler for family camping.

Features of best coolers for camping :

a) Insulation:

The type of insulation used in cooler enables you to determine the timing of cooler to keep beverages cool. If the quality of insulation is better, certainly it indicates more cooling hours.

b) Durability:

The cooler should be manufactured from durable and robust material. Durability indicates the long service life after the exposure of outside conditions and weather elements.

c) Size:

The coolers are available in many sizes for different requirements. It is important to identify requirements first and then determine the volume which works perfectly for you.

d) Cost:

Cost is influenced by different factors like brand, shop outlets, and sizes. It is important that you first do window shopping before final purchase.

e) Portability:

The cooler should be light if you want to bring it along with you during the camping session. It will save your storage as well as provide easiness to carry it in traveling.

Here is the list of the best coolers for camping with the family during a good long weekend:-

a) Thermic High-Performance cooler:

Thermic High-performance is available in white color with weight 29,9 pounds. The cooler offers a perfect weight-volume ratio. Due to the excellent ratio the product can easily carry out and store. The product gives easy to close and open latches. It is a roto-molded piece that gives a durable and seamless exterior. The best draining system helps to drain out any ice melted water. The strong tie-down and feet slots that are used during transportation.


Latches for quick opening and closing

Vacuum release button

Made from thick urethane insulation


Unavailability of cup holders

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b) Pelican Elite 50-Quart Cooler:

Pelican Elite cooler box is light in weight of about 31 pounds. The cooler box measure 30″*20.3″*20.4″. The product comes in eight colors. The body, as well as handles of this unique product, is made from polypropylene. Locking latches and bottle opener of the product is made from stainless steel that make the product durable and rugged.


Equipped with drain cup for easily draining water

Quick and easy latch locking systems

Strong handles and slots for perfect fastening


Heavier in weightbest cooler for weekend camping

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c) ORCA 26-Quart Cooler:

Orca’s cooler is the perfect insulated cooler on the market nowadays. It is the cooler that can keep ice frozen for about seven days. If you want to look for the cooler that offers you enjoyable moments of extended trips, then this cooler will be the perfect choice for you.

It is well-built and durable and sturdy. The striking feature of this unique product is a lid that tends to snap close without any warning. It comes in many colors and exterior design. The perfect lid gasket ensures you the perfect sealing. Besides all of these, the product is coming with extendable fix grip handles for easy portability.


26-Quart capacity

Durable and sturdy construction

Perfect and comfortable handles

Easy flow drainage spout


Expensive one

Cooler is big and heavierbest cooler for family camping

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d) Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler:

If you want to spend your weekend at campgrounds and have access to the 110V outlet, then Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler is perfect for you. The product cools without ice and leaves the perfect room for drinks and food. The ergonomic design features make the cooler perfect while carrying. The exterior dimension of the cooler is 18.19″*13.13’*15.5″


cools without ice

Provide more room for drinks and food

Ergonomic design to carry cooler

Easy power outlet while traveling


The fan housing is not secure

Some issues with the power cord.

best coolers for camping

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e) Stanley Adventure Cooler:

Bring along a cooler that’s as rugged as your outdoor adventures. Therefore The Stanley Adventure Cooler is built doubles as a seat when you need to take the load off your feet. Similarly, Stanley Adventure Cooler is inexpensive and above all built to last. Most importantly it comes with durable construction and minimalist design therefore the cooler is the best outdoor cooler.

The cooling system is more durable and even more worth full to the buyer. Besides that, It can hold up to twenty-one cans plus ice to keep cold due to double-wall foam design.  The Stanley adventure cooler will help the user to carry more things in the cooler with cooling durability of around 36 hours. Certainly, it is easy for the user to keep the product for one and half day with Stanley adventure cooler without any fear.

Because of the leak-resistant locking lid features Stanley took care of your interests and also solve  problem of leakage. The cooler comes in two colors. As a result of the sturdy handle, Stanley Adventure Cooler offers better carrying and Similarly very comfortable to keep in cars and other vehicles.


36-hours cold retention ability

Hold 21-cans

Double-wall cold retention

Leak resistance capacity

Durable and rugged latches and handle


Cooler flip over

Little problem with handles

best cooler for car camping
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